With the shift to remote operations and focus on grantee experience, tech is foundational to modern philanthropy — and running on good data is table stakes for an effective foundation. This webinar covers the topic of cleaning up a foundation’s data ahead of high-stakes software conversions.

Unpack the experience of Cambridge Community Foundation and its strategy for cleaning data ahead of a significant financial and donor management system conversion. Through a case study format, this session will dive into common challenges foundations encounter in cleaning up their dirty data.

Who should attend

This session is designed for operations, finance, and IT leaders.

For more information contact Jenny Carlson, events senior.

Learning objectives

Recognize the importance of data cleanup ahead of a software conversion

Identify and address data quality issues

Identify how to develop a plan for data accuracy and completeness during the conversion process

Webinar speakers

Geoff O’Connell

CFO, Cambridge Community Foundation

Headshot of Brian Berry

Brian Berry

Signing Director

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