Data has always been critical for banks and credit unions; however, today there is so much more data available for those in our industry to aggregate, present, and use.

Recognizing the role data plays in developing a digital roadmap and strategic plan starts with the first step of developing a data strategy. Join us in watching the second of three sessions where we focus on key steps to identify, cleanse, normalize, and aggregate your data across all systems.

We are joined by our guest from KlariVis as we walk through how to continue your evolution and pull together data to help make better decisions.

Who should attend

This session is designed for those who attended the first session, professionals at banks and credit unions who are accountable for their institution’s data and digital strategy, and those who develop and review reports.

For more information contact Jenny Carlson, events senior.

Webinar speakers

Headshot of Tim Dively

Tim Dively

Digital Growth Director

Headshot of Gill Hundley

Gill Hundley, CRCM

Chief Operating and Risk Officer, KlariVis

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