Understanding the situation

Catania Oils is a leading provider of vegetable and olive oils to the bulk manufacturing, food service, and retail markets. From its beginnings more than 100 years ago, this fourth-generation family-run business has grown to become one of the country’s largest independent food service providers. 

With automated and modern operations, Catania Oils had some big systems — but they didn’t speak to each other natively. Catania needed to double down on its technology and data to successfully meet its customers’ changing and growing needs. 

Exploring the challenge 

In providing traditional audit and tax services, CLA’s manufacturing team recognized an opportunity for Catania Oils to explore forward-looking digital strategies.  

Achieving results 

Working with CLA marked the beginning of Catania’s digital transformation. It put Catania in control of its future and on track to scale growth — while always looking to how it can be done better.  

With a streamlined approach and clear view of performance metrics, Catania reduced manual processes and increased confidence in its data. Now they are going beyond executive dashboards and bringing in sales, production, and manufacturing to build a lasting, agile infrastructure. 

Up next? Getting strategic with robust cloud architecture and Microsoft Fabric capabilities so they can visualize and report on accounting data next to production data. With this foundation and a powerful platform that can grow with them, Catania Oils is well-positioned for the next 100 years. 

CLA had the knowledge and experience to pull all our data together into one location. Having real-time information from each department will make our jobs easier by far.

Mark Gonthier, Senior Systems Engineer
Catania Oils

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