Understanding the situation

The company was an industry leader in the office water machine market yet they knew their processes and sales could improve. Customer retention was a challenge, as was capacity to increase delivery service with their current ERP systems. Their internal reporting tools didn’t work well together, leaving company leaders without important information needed to make decisions.

Exploring the challenge

CLA worked with company leaders to create custom reports and dashboards to improve both internal and external communications and operations. The strategies included:

  • Implementing artificial intelligence to predict which customers might not renew. By focusing additional customer service efforts on these clients, the company retained many more customers, saving them $1 – $1.5M in previously lost annual revenue.
  • Combined two legacy enterprise resource planning systems into one running in Microsoft Azure, allowing them to save tens of thousands of dollars and increase sales transactions volume by 40% in two years.
  • Evolved the company’s primary reporting structure, including development of budget forecasts and custom dashboards, delivering the critical information company leaders needed on a day-to-day basis.

Achieving results

In addition to the significant savings listed above, the company sold to one of the largest water companies in the world.

With CLA, we’re starting from a place of extreme education, extreme knowledge, and a lot of familiarity.

CEO, Global leader in the office water machine industry

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