Investing in Digital Services to Unlock Opportunity for You


May 23, 2024


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Key insights

CLA is investing $500 million in digital technology and artificial intelligence to transform the services we provide and drive meaningful outcomes and lasting impact for our clients.

CLA’s website is designed to help you explore the wide range of digital products and services available to help you navigate and thrive in the digital age.

Tailor your experience through the ‘Choose Your Journey’ section to receive targeted recommendations and strategies aligned with your needs; or, contact CLA for a complimentary discovery conversation.

Kickstart your digital strategy

How do you turn a mountain of information into something informative and actionable?

Digital transformation is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. Our new digital services focused website,, helps you explore and adopt transformative digital strategies.

You’ll find a comprehensive suite of services spanning automation and integration, data analytics, software, and cybersecurity — offering new opportunities to navigate and thrive in the digital age.

Tailored experiences: a unique approach to digital transformation

We promise to know you and to help you, and that promise is at the heart of You can tailor your experience through the ‘Choose Your Journey’ section. A few intuitive clicks self-select your industry and pinpoint specific digital pain points.

These identified digital pain points translate to targeted recommendations and strategies, demonstrating how a tailored approach to digital transformation can align seamlessly with your needs and aspirations.

Value for every stage

We aim to deliver value at every stage of your digital journey. From initial exploration to implementing and customizing digital strategies, CLA is at your side. Explore the insights section to discover thoughtfully curated content, case studies, and success stories. In doing so, you can gain invaluable insights into the transformative potential of digital services, inspiring confidence and driving informed decision-making.

Addressing your most pressing digital challenges

By leveraging digital solutions, you can improve overall operations and drive your business goals. Whether you’d like to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, enable AI, or drive innovation, CLA can help address your most pressing challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Explore the topics below to see how harnessing the power of analytics, software, automation, and integration can help you unlock new efficiencies, drive growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

Collaboration and co-creation for digital growth

Focusing on our clients’ needs and innovation matters. Through interactive elements, we can continue to gain deeper insight into the needs and expectations of organizations, allowing adaption to remain relevant and effective in a rapidly changing digital world.

Using approach of collaboration and co-creation, becomes more than just a digital platform — it can become a trusted step in your digital journey, helping to drive meaningful outcomes and lasting impact.


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