There has been a shift in the willingness and need for banks and credit unions to collaborate with outside vendors (and each other) to remain relevant and current. As the list of specialty companies continues to rise, it is often unclear what is needed before engaging with these non-bank associates.

From fintechs to data analytics platforms, to core and ancillary solutions and specialized consulting — we dive into how to effectively navigate the complexities of the vendor landscape and your ever-growing tech stack.

Who should attend

This session is designed for those individuals at banks and credit unions who are responsible for the vendor management program, those who review existing and new technology at the institution, and those responsible for making contract decisions for the institution.

Some common roles would include information security officer, project manager, IT manager, risk management/internal audit staff, C-suite, and operations manager.

For more information contact Jenny Carlson, events senior.

Webinar speakers

Headshot of Patrick Sells

Patrick Sells

Founder, True Digital Group

Headshot of Tim Dively

Tim Dively

Digital Growth Director

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